Melanzane alla parmigiana - for 2

Melanzane alla parmigiana - for 2

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"If ever there was a stalwart dish Italian eateries could rely on – or you could rely on finding in any Italian eatery, this would be it. And if ever there was a vegetarian dish reliable to satisfy even the most ardent carnivore, well, this would be it too. So simple, such complex flavours, so good hot from the oven and even better cold the next day. Parmigiana di melanzane is a dear friend. Key is that the aubergine is floured, dipped in egg, and fried in clean oil with the egg on the outside. This egg-and-flour gives structure to the taste and texture of the dish, and becomes as it were the pasta in what is essentially a vegetarian lasagne."  Jacob Kenedy

This dish includes a side salad.

You will be provided with all the necessary ingredients to complete this dish for 2 persons. It will have 4 steps which are detailed on a recipe card, a youtube video, and a group Zoom cook-along.

Allergens/Dietary -All packs of this dish contain dairy, egg, and alliums. All ingredients are essential and cannot be substituted. All packs prepared in a mixed kitchen, we cannot guarantee the absence of any allergen. 

You will need to start cooking an hour before you intend to eat

Your pack serves 2 as a main, and contains:

  1. An assembled but uncooked melanzane parimigiana big enough for 2
  2. Some salad (includes separate container of lemon dressing)

ENJOY! This is a robust dish, but versatile. Because of the tomato, it might prefer a juicier red or rosé, or brighter white. Or a nice cold pint…